Hi! I’m Liz Rizzo, short-form filmmaker and aspiring television director. My dream in life is to direct eight episodes of television in a year! I’ve had this dream ever since I shadowed on CSI: Crime Scene Investigation and the director told me that’s the max number of episodes a television director could manage in one year. Bring it on!
I’ve also begun to dream about directing a first feature film. Immersing myself in cinematic storytelling, and learning about how image can illicit feeling, and what does that mean for what comes next?
As a director, I love working with other people’s pieces. Coming into a project and putting together the perfect combination of elements to match and further a vision – whether that’s set by a television creator or a screenwriter. No “film by” credits for me, please; it’s the collaborative nature of the medium and the creative energy on set that feed my soul.
My last film short was a blast! Check it out:

Zero Sight: Bad CallZero Sight: Bad Call is here! Released in 2013 on Stage 5 TV’s YouTube show, The Continuum.

A regular female assassin when she plays Halo, gamer girl Veronica gets real power in her hands when she steals a mysterious woman’s phone during a one-night stand gone south. Now a single anonymous text message can kill anyone she wants. And she’ll have to use all her first-person shooter skills when one bad call has her scouting a real professional assassin across suburban rooftops. Welcome to the world of “Zero Sight,” where hapless assassins work for a femme fatale with an eye for opportunities.

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Shot in 2012:
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