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Hi! I’m Liz Rizzo, short-form filmmaker, post production manager, and aspiring television director. My goal as a director is to direct eight episodes of television in a year! I’ve had this goal ever since I shadowed on CSI: Crime Scene Investigation and the director told me that’s the max number of episodes a television director could manage in one year. Bring it on!
Coming soon in 2015, “Titus and Dronicus,” a fun Shakespearean web noir about two detectives, Titus and Dronicus, investigating the murders in famous Shakespeare plays. In Season One: Hamlet, Titus and Dronicus are hired by a mysterious dame called Ophelia, who wants them to investigate her weird, melancholic boyfriend who’s obsessed with his father’s death. Season One comprises 3 episodes with some additional Vlog content from our intrepid detectives!
Also in 2015, I’ll be posting the first two webisodes of “Tradecraft,” a spy thriller web series and pulling together everything I’ve got for that series as well as the full-length web series “Zero Sight” for pitching purposes. Two fantastic web series projects looking for a home and funding!
And on the horizon, “The Birthday Gift” is about a former Vietnam medic who’s lost interest in life since his wife died, and Vietnam seems so long ago. Still he gets to the park every day to game with his war buddy Ozzie, and his day is brightened by his granddaughter Lila. But it’s his wife, Abby, recently passed away, who ultimately helps him to embrace life again.
As a director, I love working with other people’s pieces. Joining a project and pulling together the perfect combination of elements to match and further a vision – whether that’s set by a television creator or a screenwriter. No “film by” credits for me, please; it’s the collaborative nature of the medium and the creative energy on set that feed my soul.
My last film short was a blast! Check it out:

Zero Sight: Bad CallZero Sight: Bad Call is here! Released in 2013 on Stage 5 TV’s YouTube show, The Continuum. We’re honored by our screenings at The Orlando Film Festival in October 2014, The Valley Film Festival in Los Angeles in December 2014, and Iron Mule Short Comedy Series in New York City in 2015.

A regular female assassin when she plays Halo, gamer girl Veronica gets real power in her hands when she steals a mysterious woman’s phone during a one-night stand gone south. Now a single anonymous text message can kill anyone she wants. And she’ll have to use all her first-person shooter skills when one bad call has her scouting a real professional assassin across suburban rooftops. Welcome to the world of “Zero Sight,” where hapless assassins work for a femme fatale with an eye for opportunities.

Coming up next:
Titus and Dronicus, Season 1 – A funny, crazy, three-episode riff on HAMLET
Two episodes of a new web series: Tradecraft by Michael Patrick Sullivan
A new film short: The Birthday Gift by Ralph Sanchez and Rogue Pilot Films

My reel circa (gulp) 2010: