TITUS AND DRONICUS is here! This fun web noir is about two mismatched detectives – Titus and Dronicus – investigating the murders in Shakespeare’s best-known plays. You can watch Season 1: Hamlet in about 15 minutes! And if you like Titus and Dronicus, please tell your friends, repost it, and help us to get the word out. You can find more info on our talented team at http://www.titusanddronicus.com. Thanks so much for watching!

Hi! I’m Liz Rizzo, and from 2003 to 2015, I directed shorts while working full-time in post production. To see my older work, please click on the links in the menu bar. There’s more on each page than what’s in the drop-downs.

Directing this film short for Stage 5 TV was a blast! Check it out:

Zero Sight: Bad CallZero Sight: Bad Call is here! Released in 2013 on Stage 5 TV’s YouTube show, The Continuum. We’re honored by our screenings at The Orlando Film Festival in October 2014, The Valley Film Festival in Los Angeles in December 2014, and Iron Mule Short Comedy Series in New York City in 2015.

A regular female assassin when she plays Halo, gamer girl Veronica gets real power in her hands when she steals a mysterious woman’s phone during a one-night stand gone south. Now a single anonymous text message can kill anyone she wants. And she’ll have to use all her first-person shooter skills when one bad call has her scouting a real professional assassin across suburban rooftops. Welcome to the world of “Zero Sight,” where hapless assassins work for a femme fatale with an eye for opportunities.

My most recent reel – Still love it, but FYI my email address has changed! Please click contact me above for my most up-to-date contact information – Check it out: