Hammer (5 min, 2006)

“Becca has a plan to get over her cheating ex, but her roommate thinks it’s a bad idea.”

HD/5 min/2006

“Hammer” was filmed over two days in the summer of 2006 in Altadena, Calif. as a submission to the reality television show, “On the Lot.” It was viewable on the “On the Lot” website for much of 2007 and was viewed by over 3,000 people.

“Hammer” was shot in high-def digital video and was the first time I’d shot video rather than film in many years. It was also the first short I wrote, directed, and produced with a small crew and without the backing of a film school or other organization. Just me and a handful of my friends and colleagues.

My visual goal with “Hammer” was to produce a clean, colorful look, with an eye towards filling the frame and allowing the performances to take center stage.

Cinematography by: JP Perry

Editing by: Randall Harmon Waldrop