In Spite (scene, 3 min, 2009)

An interrogation scene written by Patrick Hayle, and featuring Jeff Burr as the detective and Nathan Smythe as the perp.

HD/3 min/2009

Cinematography by Scott Toler Collins; Editing by Randall Harmon Waldrop

This was a very interesting project where I was brought in to direct the same scene three times with different pairs of actors in one day. This turned out to be  surprisingly challenging, repeating the same material three times. Going in, I had hoped to dramatically change up the shot design between scenes, but time constraints left us repeating the same shot design, particularly because I wanted each acting team to have the same amount of time to work on set with the material. It *was* interesting working the same scene and characters with different actors, but it was also quite different from casting actors for parts and making choices for the scene and then moving on.

All in all, it was a very fun and rewarding day, and I was beyond pleased to be involved in the project. Much thanks to everyone involved!