Juanita Saves The World, Ep. 7 – EcoMonde (webisode, 3 min, 2008)

Juanita Saves The World is a 10-episode web series that was shot on RED at the end of 2008 and never completed. Ten directors came together and ran the project like a television show. There was a writers’ room, a head writer, a show runner. I was casting director, script supervised a majority of the episodes, and directed episode 7. The most recent push towards completion occurred in 2011, but the project still didn’t make it to the finish line. Unfortunately, this project and its footage are out of my hands. I am fortunate, however, to have the final “network” cut of my episode, and so I share it here.

Starring Christiann Castellanos, Kelly Curran, Shane Callahan, and Adam Burch.

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